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The Florida Providers for Traffic Safety is committed to promoting traffic safety, education, ethics, and integrity in the Florida Driver Improvement industry.

Join Florida’s primary organization that supports all traffic safety schools, driving schools and other professional public safety groups to advocate for enhanced education.  Add your organization’s voice towards establishing our education-based initiatives and legislative agendas for increased road safety and reducing traffic crashes.

Florida Providers for Traffic Safety

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Florida’s Current Traffic Safety Information

Traffic collisions, fatalities, and serious injuries are at an all-time high in Florida.  Traffic safety education has proven to be a pivotal factor in crash prevention, as supported by key automobile and traffic safety organizations.

Collisions now average 695,000 annually over the last 5 years in Florida representing a nearly 250,000 annual increase from a decade ago. (See Signal Four Analytics Data.)  We now experience over 1,900 collisions a day

As the collisions increased, motorists attending Driver Safety Education Courses have decreased nearly 45%.  Court Ordered Defensive Driving School (DDS) Courses have declined by over 125% in the last decade.

As a statewide organization, the TFPTS and our members are working to address these critical issues.  This includes exploring methods to increase visibility of defensive driver education courses at state, county and local levels, strengthening new driver programs and developing our annual legislative agenda items such as support for a “Hands Free Mobile Device Law” and mandatory courses for reckless/ aggressive driving, speeding violations at 30+ mph over legal limits and other destructive behaviors including “road rage” and “street racing”.

Your Membership Benefits

Membership is open to any school, or Legal and Law Enforcement professionals in the traffic safety community.  Benefits include:

  • Adding your organization’s voice and passion to our efforts.
  • Sharing ideas with other members to enhance your organization's' success.
  • Great value for your organization. A small $25.00 application fee and no monthly dues until July 2024.
  • A backlink to your website.

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